Jan 11, 11:14 AM: Sorry for the downtime

Alright, sorry for the downtime everyone, here’s what happened. I logged into TXP after posting my Cameratossers, Eat your Heart Out post, to find that a new version was available. So I browsed over to the Textpattern website and began downloading version 4.0.3 of Textpattern.

I started installing this new version when my system froze. All file transfers stopped and my browser decided to shut itself down. Unfortunately, this left me with some corrupted database tables and a half empty directory of Textpattern files. After rebooting my computer I checked the website just to see the default Textpattern template. Anyway, I’ve been speaking with tech support, who finally managed to restore my December 12th website backup just a few minutes ago.

The lesson, backup your site before you start updating it. I’ll be working to restore some of the lost posts the rest of the day today.