12 hours ago: Now's as good a time as any, right?

I’ve been thinking about this for the past few days now, and it’s really starting to get to me. After the crash and my decision to redesign the blog I’ve been looking for the easiest possible blogging solution available. I thought Textpattern was that solution, but apparently I was wrong.

The presentational interface has always been baffling (hence the reason I’m using a ported theme instead of a custom design) and I don’t want to have to continue learning an entire coding language just to run the darn thing. So basically I’ll be migrating to WordPress sometime in the near future, for a couple of reasons.

First, WordPress is easy to use. The design system uses regular PHP instead of some type of special WordPress language. Then there’s the fact that many of the features that are built into WordPress are only available as Plugins for TextPattern. Finally, it seems WordPress has all the plugins I’m really interested in, like effectively adding Technorati tags, pingbacks and trackbacks, etc.

So here’s to the next incarnation of Textonic, whenever it comes. I hope for continued success for Textpattern, but I’m sorry to say I’m leaving. It’s not you, it’s me. Expect the switch to come around the end of the month, maybe early February depending on how long it takes me to ge the new design up and running. Luckily WordPress has a Textpattern Import feature, so none of my data will be lost, woohoo.

14 hours ago: Freebie Roundup

Thanks to my recent Texpattern Crash this post is no longer available. I’ll be restoring it within the next few days, so please be patient if you’ve come from another site to this page only to find a 404 Error Message.

For now, feel free to explore the rest of the website, where some of my other downloads can be found. If you’d like me to send them over to you before the article is posted drop me a line on the contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

15 hours ago: Redesign Preview

I’ve just now put the finishing touches on the first draft of Textonic Version 2, and it’s ready for publication. There’s not really much more to say here. Make sure you view the full size, read the image description, and leave any comments or suggestions you may have either here, on Flickr, or over at StyleGala (in the forums)

Click here for the Flickr Page

1 day ago: My Beautiful Stats

I just realized that my pre-crash, absolutley beautiful statistics have all been erased. From what I can remember I had visitors from over 60 different countries, using more than 10 different browsers all the way down to Netscape 5.0, on more than five different operating systems (everything from OSx to FreeBSD)

Just thought I’d share this little bit of nerve-wrecking information. I hope seeing my stats go down the drain makes the internet gods happy, now to go sacrifice a new Flickr Pro account.

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1 day ago: Redesign on the Horizon

Well, after Textonic crashed for a few days I decided now would be as good a time as any to start working on Version 2, seriously. So I fired up Photoshop today and started working on a new design.

The current web trend seems to be simplicity, so the new layout combined with subtle gradients and shadows should produce an overall appealing site. There are a few things I hope to accomplish with this redesign. First, I want to try and get into a CSS gallery, and establish my name as a (somewhat) serious web designer. Then, I want to stop the few occasional emails I get telling me I’ve ripped this design. It was actually ported to Textpattern with permission from the original creator, with some minor adjustments.

After that comes my own personal flavor. I just want something appealing to look at every day. Now don’t be surprised when you see the new design, and then compare it to version 8 of Abstracted.View (running late), because they’ll both be very similar, with the exception of color choices and layout.

If you’re wondering about the backend at all, or any of the typographic choices I’ve made, here they are. The site will continue to be run by Textpattern, with some small tweaks, plugins, and JavaScripts to help enhance the browsing experience. The new blog logotype will be Moogwai, created by the excellent graphic designer Joshua Smith. The majority of copy will be set in Verdana, sized in ems to allow for user scaling. Headline elements will be set in the NewMedia typeface using sIFR. Stats will be tracked not with Mint, MeasureMap, or Analytics, but with an excellent TXP plugin I currently use. Throughout the site you’ll also noticed that I’ve started really pushing advertising. Visitors will be able to purchase 468×60 banner slots (at the top of each page), and Google TextAds will be embedded into the RSS feed and along the sidebar of the blog.

That’s all I’ve planned to this point. I’ll post some design previews somewhat soon so you all can know what to expect. I will, of course, be open to any suggestions you may have.